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    Apr 19

    P2P Weakness Exposes Millions of IoT Devices


    Apr 19

    The owner of a Swedish company behind a popular remote administration tool (RAT) implicated in thousands of malware attacks shares the same name as a Swedish man who pleaded guilty in 2015 to co-creating the Blackshades RAT, a similar product that was used to infect more than half a million computers with malware, KrebsOnSecurity has learned.

    An advertisement for RevCode WebMonitor.

    At issue is a program called “WebMonitor,” which was designed to allow users to remotely control a computer (or multiple machines) via a Web browser. The makers of WebMonitor, a company in Sweden called “RevCode,” say their product is legal and legitimate software “that helps firms and personal users handle the security of owned devices.”

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    But critics say WebMonitor is far more likely to be deployed on “pwned” devices, or those that are surreptitiously hacked. The software is broadly classified as malware by most antivirus companies, likely thanks to an advertised feature list that includes dumping the remote computer’s temporary memory; retrieving passwords from dozens of email programs; snarfing the target’s Wi-Fi credentials; and viewing the target’s Webcam.

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    In Transformers MMC R05 Fortis Mercenary Headstrong Predaking, researchers from security firm Palo Alto Networks noted that the product has been primarily advertised on underground hacking forums, and that its developers promoted several qualities of the software likely to appeal to cybercriminals looking to secretly compromise PCs.

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    For example, RevCode’s website touted the software’s compatibility with all “crypters,” software that can encrypt, obfuscate and manipulate malware to make it harder to detect by antivirus programs. Palo Alto also noted WebMonitor includes the option to suppress any notification boxes that may pop up when the RAT is being installed on a computer.

    A screenshot of the WebMonitor builder panel.

    RevCode maintains it is a legitimate company officially registered in Sweden that obeys all applicable Swedish laws. A few hours of searching online turned up an interesting record at Transformers MB-17 Optimus Prime Revenge version, a credit information service based in Sweden. That record indicates RevCode is owned by 28-year-old Swedish resident Alex Yücel.

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    In February 2015, a then 24-year-old Alex Yücel 71320 TRANSFORMERS MASTER PIECE MP-42 Cordon with coin MISB Robot Police Car to computer hacking and to creating, marketing and selling TRANSFORMERS IDW Deluxe Orion Pax Hoist Trailcutter Arcee Skids Scoop Lot NEW , a RAT that was used to compromise and spy on hundreds of thousands of computers. Arrested in Moldova in 2013 as part of a large-scale, international takedown against Blackshades and hundreds of customers, Yücel became the first person ever to be extradited from Moldova to the United States. MP-39 - Masterpiece Sunstreaker - with Collectors Coin Takara

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    Apr 19

    Marcus “MalwareTech” Hutchins Pleads Guilty to Writing, Selling Banking Malware

    Marcus Hutchins, a 24-year-old blogger and malware researcher arrested in 2017 for allegedly authoring and selling malware designed to steal online banking credentials, has pleaded guilty to criminal charges of conspiracy and to making, selling or advertising illegal wiretapping devices.

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    Marcus Hutchins, just after he was revealed as the security expert who stopped the WannaCry worm. Image: twitter.com/malwaretechblog

    Hutchins, who authors the popular blog BANDAI SRC SUPER ROBOT CHOGOKIN KOTETSU JEEG ROBOT NEW, was virtually unknown to most in the security community until May 2017 when the U.K. media revealed him as the “accidental hero” who inadvertently halted the global spread of TRANSFORMERS redF REVENGE OF THE FALLEN NEST RECON IRONHIDE VOYAGER NEW SEALED , a ransomware contagion that had taken the world by storm just days before.

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    In August 2017, Hutchins was arrested by FBI agents in Las Vegas on suspicion of authoring and/or selling “Kronos,” a strain of malware designed to steal online banking credentials. A British citizen, Hutchins has been barred from leaving the United States since his arrest.

    Many of Hutchins’ supporters and readers had trouble believing the charges against him, and in response KrebsOnSecurity Mint Arthy Darkside Moon Japan Limited Trans Formers into activities tied to his various online personas over the years.

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    As I wrote in summary of that story, the clues suggested “Hutchins began developing and selling malware in his mid-teens — only to later develop a change of heart and earnestly endeavor to leave that part of his life squarely in the rearview mirror.” Nevertheless, there were a number of indications that Hutchins’ alleged malware activity continued into his adulthood.

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    In BANDAI SOUL OF CHOGOKIN GX-01R MAZINGER Z MAZINGA Z EXPOSED posted to Transformers Premium Series Optimus Prime Autobot and to malwaretech.com, Hutchins said today he had pleaded guilty to two charges related to writing malware in the years prior to his career in security. Continue reading →

    Apr 19

    Apr 19
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    Apr 19

    Experts: Breach at IT Outsourcing Giant Wipro

    Indian information technology (IT) outsourcing and consulting giant Wipro Ltd. [Transformers Planet X PX-17 Morpheus PX-18 Phobetor PX-19 Phantasus SET NEW UK] is investigating reports that its own IT systems have been hacked and are being used to launch attacks against some of the company’s customers, multiple sources tell KrebsOnSecurity. Wipro has refused to respond to questions about the alleged incident.

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    Earlier this month, KrebsOnSecurity heard independently from two trusted sources that Wipro — India’s third-largest IT outsourcing company — was dealing with a multi-month intrusion from an assumed state-sponsored attacker.

    Both sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Wipro’s systems were seen being used as jumping-off points for digital fishing expeditions targeting at least a dozen Wipro customer systems.

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    The security experts said Wipro’s customers traced malicious and suspicious network reconnaissance activity back to partner systems that were communicating directly with Wipro’s network.


    On Friday, Apr. 12, Nair sent a statement that acknowledged none of the questions Wipro was asked about an alleged security incident involving attacks against its own customers.

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    Wipro has not responded to multiple additional requests for comment. Since then, two more sources with knowledge of the investigation have come forward to confirm the outlines of the incident described above.

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    Apr 19
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    Apr 19


    Apr 19

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    A Year Later, Cybercrime Groups Still Rampant on Facebook

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